16 Things You Can Do with Recycled Junk

Don’t toss it, transform it! With so many uses for old garage finds, the possibilities for upcycling, recycling, and repurposing your old junk are practically endless. Here at Humpback Junk, we love a good DIY tutorial, and luckily we have plenty of materials around to use in our crafting endeavors. Today, we decided to share some of our favorites—so you can give your old stuff a new life as one of these hand-crafted projects!

  1. Turn old tires into one of these whimsical planters. Or transform glass bottles into borders for beds, convert cinder blocks into cool, unique succulent gardens, or recycle chipped tea cups into pint-sized containers for plants.
  2. Upcycle old furniture into a one-of-a-kind bathroom vanity or kitchen island. Outdated dressers get a second life with some paint and a custom countertop!
  3. Repurpose old books into eye-catching book art. Let’s be honest, you were ever going to crack open that physics textbook again!
  4. Turn old keys into jewelry, lanterns, wind chimes, and more, and “unlock” the DIY potential!
  5. Save your tin cans for one of these amazing DIY projects. Dressed-up cans make awesome vessels for candle holders, indoor herb gardens, flowers and more—who knew!
  6. Make over old bicycle tires—their shape is great for handmade light fixtures, coffee tables, and clocks.
  7. Whether it’s a do-it-yourself greenhouse, a quirky divider wall, or a gorgeous glass bedside table, recycled windows have tons of project potential!
  8. Don’t forget about those old doors, either! Crafty homemakers turn these useful cast-offs into country-cute shelves, storage centers, and mudroom benches, among other things.
  9. Lead and mercury from tossed electronics can contaminate local waterways, but you can dodge these hazards when you transform your old tech into these fabulous homegoods.
  10. Handles, hooks, and hardware, oh my! Breathe new life into grandma’s silverware by hammering it into one of these custom cutlery projects.
  11. Got some old plates lying around? Use them in one of these adorable DIYs and get yourself a new mirror, mosaic, or cake stand!
  12. Yesterday’s old jeans are today’s purses, jewelry, and placemats with these sewing tutorials. They’re so fashionable, you’ll forget all about that unfortunate acid wash phase!
  13. A lot of people treat pennies like junk, but besides being legal tender, they make a pretty amazing tile floor or backsplash material!
  14. Turn old plastic soda bottles into a sustainable vertical garden. It’s self-watering, too!
  15. PVC pipes are a DIY guru’s dream material. They’re flexible, versatile, and easy to get your hands on. And they can be used to construct wine racks, planters, and storage equipment of all stripes!
  16. Who says old light bulbs have to go in the recycling? With fantastic light bulb terrariums, vases, and jewelry tutorials like these, your crafting future is looking bright!

Of course, if you need help hauling the rest of your junk away, we’re always here to help! Until then, we’ll see you at the crafting shop!

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