Austin Debris Removal

Even experienced construction professionals can have difficulty removing the debris that accumulates while they finish their projects. From construction, to demolition and remodeling, these projects leave behind obstructive debris that ranges from wood and concrete to drywall and tiling. Debris is time-consuming to remove, yet if you leave it behind, it will get in the way of your workers, delay your schedule, and create a hazardous, toxic environment in the workplace.

Humpback Junk Removal in Austin, Texas will take care of your construction debris with timeliness, precision, and professionalism. Once you contact us, our dejunkification technicians will ensure your debris is gone either throughout the construction project or once you finish it.

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How Do We Handle Your Debris?

Our debris removal service is clear and efficient. We handle each of our projects in a simple three-step process that keeps everything simple and clear for everyone.

• Our scheduling tool makes it easy for you or any resident of Austin to choose a specific day and time. We respect your time, so our scheduling system allows you plenty of choices. Alternatively, you are free to give us a call and arrange an appointment directly.

• After you have made your schedule, a dejunkification technician will arrive and provide you with a free debris removal estimate. If this is the wrong time for you, you have not decided on your quote, or you would like to reschedule, the technician will leave and return at your convenience.

• If you accept the estimate, or have reached an estimate you are satisfied with, the Humpback Junk Removal crew is ready to act. If it’s not the right time, we can also reschedule and return. Once the removal process begins, the crew will clear all types of dangerous debris, like flooring, sheetrock, corrugated iron, and so much more, in a speedy manner. We place the waste in our truck and dispose of it in an environmentally safe method.

There’s no need for your debris removal process to be a tedious, slow experience. Of course, these aren’t the only reasons we are popular in the Austin area.


We understand that you must run construction and demolition projects under a specific, fixed budget. Debris removal may appear to be something you can’t afford. At Humpback Junk Removal, we provide our expert services at affordable rates. Give us a try and watch as your construction waste vanishes at an affordable rate.

Customer Service

The professionals in our crew are not only timely, hard-working and experts at their craft, but they are also some of the friendliest people around. Every single member of our crew, whether working directly with you at the construction site, or our employees working at the office, has the dedication to serve our clients with the utmost enthusiasm. Just because debris removal can get dirty and messy doesn’t mean people can’t be friendly.

No matter what materials or type of project you are handling in Austin, Humpback Junk Removal is always there in a timely fashion to make your debris problems disappear in flash. Contact us today or call us at (512) 637-7779 to schedule a free consultation.