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It’s simple. When you’re ready to get rid of that old couch and kitchen table, or have all that packing material or construction debris hauled off, call us at (512) 637-7779. The top-notch phone staff at Humpback® Junk Removal will set up a day and time for us to come to you.

When we arrive, a dejunkification™ technician will give you a free quote for the junk removal job. As soon as we settle on a price, our professional humpers will start taking your unwanted stuff away. All you have to do is sit back and call the shots.

We load what you don’t want and we clean up the messy trail that moving old stuff leaves behind. All of your old belongings are then taken to a Goodwill® donation location for repurposing or to a recycling center to be renewed and reused; we consider the dump to be a last resort. We constantly look for ways to support our local charities like Goodwill®, and other local charitable foundations. It’s that easy.

Meet The Team

Junk Removal Company President
Junk Removal Company Operations Manager

Hunter Armstrong


This bright young son of our own CEO has made his way into the Humpback® family through a twist of unrelated fate. Hired on deck to help solve problems pertaining to today’s technology!

Jimmy Rogers


Jimmy is undoubtedly the best catch of Humpback® Junk Removal. Mysterious and to himself, you might never know that Jimmy is to be credited with the ease of day-to-day operations.

When trash, broken appliances, unwearable clothes, and other forms of junk start to pile up, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of. When the garbage man only comes once every week or two, what options do you have?

You need someone to collect your junk and to collect it fast. At Humpback Junk Removal, we understand how stressful rubbish pile up can be – that’s why we are committed to collecting Cedar Park’s waste as smoothly and safely as possible.

As the sister company of an award-winning Texas moving company, we have encountered junk pile up and people desperate for disposal options throughout our years of business. We partner with local recycling programs to ensure that the waste we take from you doesn’t go into the landfill if it doesn’t have to. We always stop by the local Goodwill donation station on our way to the recycling center – Humpback wholeheartedly believes that one man’s junk can easily be another man’s treasure!

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Trash, Rubbish, Appliance Removal, & More

Throughout our years of operation, we realized that Texas residents looking for easy junk removal require four simple things:

  1. A top-quality team that provides excellent customer service
  2. An easy, simple way to schedule junk pick-up
  3. A thorough removal process for multiple forms of junk
  4. The ability to call anytime and have the junk gone quickly

Humpback Junk Removal provides all of these services and more. From broken appliances to remodeling debris to the aftermath of your yearly spring clean, we will remove all waste and dispose of it responsibly.

There are three reasons why Cedar Park residents choose Humpback as their go-to Austin junk removal service: affordability, simplicity, and personality.

Unlike other junk removal Austin services, our junk removal pick-ups are easy to schedule. All you need to do is give us a quick call or use our online scheduling tool, pick a date and time that works for you, and we will come to your home for a free consultation. From there, we can take your junk or we can come back on another date that works for you!

Finally, we are committed to making our customers feel happy and at ease. From our dejunkification technicians to our president, Humpback Junk Removal’s ultimate mission is to provide excellent service with a smile.

It’s no surprise that Humpback Junk Removal is one of Cedar Park’s favorite waste removal businesses!

Junk Removal Process

Humpback’s Austin junk removal process is as simple as 1, 2, 3 – literally!

First, schedule your free assessment using our online scheduling tool or by calling (512) 637-7779. Pick a date and time for our dejunkification technicians to visit that works best for you. If you know how much junk you’ll need to be removed, you can use our interactive junk estimator to preview our prices.

Second, our dejunkification technicians will visit your residence on the scheduled time and date you provided. They will assess your junk and provide you with a free Junk Removal Estimate. You can then choose to have your junk taken away on the spot or schedule a later date for our technicians to return.

Third, we load all of our junk and clean up any mess that the removal process might make. After we take your junk, we sort it for recyclable materials and set waste aside for disposal. On our way to the local recycling center, we donate items in good condition at the Goodwill donation station.

The best part? You don’t have to lift a finger!

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