Our FAQ's

I’ve got junk. What now?

Call us. (512) 637-7779. Our well-trained dejunkification™ crew is ready to help you chunk that junk.

How much will it cost?

Depends. How much junk do you have and what do you need done? We can base our fees on how much of our lovely Humpback Junk® truck we fill up, or on a per-item basis (if you only want one or two things hauled away) or, for really big jobs, on an hourly basis. This way we can give you the best price for the individual job, and you aren’t overpaying in the end.

Can I get an estimate? Is it really free?

Yes and yes. Simply call (512) 637-7779. Pick a date and time and we’ll be there to give you an estimate. As soon as we agree on the fee, our professional dejunkification™ technicians start moving your unwanted Tangible Karmic Crud.

How soon can you help me?

Very soon. We have dozens of impeccably trained dejunkification™ technicians and dump trucks on hand. If they’re not out on a previously scheduled job, they’re ready to help you.

Do I need to do anything before you arrive?

Simply decide what to keep and what to give away. But don’t lift a finger. The Humpback Junk® Removal dejunkifiers will do all the carrying and cleaning!

Who’s gonna carry all that junk?

Professional dejunkifiers™! Humpback’s sister company, Blue Whale Moving®, employs the most efficient, most consistent movers in Texas. Having grown up with such a skilled sibling, our Dejunkification Technicians™ have learned the how to move carefully, too!

Do you clean up?

Naturally. We’re a local company with local manners, and as guests in your home, we intend to act that way. We carry and clean without wearing out our welcome.

What happens to my junk?

Our Humpback motto is: Remove, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle, Regenerate. With your permission, we take your unwanted wares and sort them for our repurposing partners like Goodwill.

Why is it sorted? Where does my old stuff go?

Your trash is another man’s treasure. At Humpback Junk® Removal, we strive to reduce waste by offering reusable items to Goodwill and other local charities before taking it to a landfill.

Humpback is related to Blue Whale? I’m confused.

For over two decades, Blue Whale Moving® has served as Texas’ most reliable, most responsible family and business mover. Using their experience and equipment to start a junk removal and recycling business was a natural next step in serving the Texas public.

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