Our Junk Removal Process in Austin, TX

How It Works

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Call us at (512) 637-7779 to speak with our staff and setup a day and time for us to come to you.

We Arrive On Schedule

Our dejunkification technician arrives on time to give you a free quote for the junk removal job. As soon as we settle on a price our professional humpers will take your unwanted stuff away.

We Remove Your Clutter

We load what you don’t want and we clean up the messy trail that moving old stuff leaves behind. All of your old belongings are then taken to a Goodwill® donation location for repurposing or to a recycling center to be renewed and reused!

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We charge per-volume with two exceptions:

There is a $40.00 surcharge per mattress, box spring, or tire.

Extraordinarily dense materials like concrete, stone, gravel, and so forth, are billed at 2x their actual volume.