Meet The Humpback Junk Crew

We are here to serve you with smiling faces. The junk removal process can be one of life’s more stressful adventures and the staff and crew here at Humpback Junk Removal® are dedicated to doing as much as we can to make the process go as smoothly and safely as possible.

Jimmy Rogers, Operations

Jimmy is undoubtedly the best catch of Humpback® Junk Removal. Mysterious and to himself, you might never know that Jimmy is to be credited with the ease of day-to-day operations and our overall smooth moves. A father and a grandfather, Jimmy is responsible for educating and training the young men here at Humpback® Junk Removal.

With over 25 years of experience behind him, he is manning the deck at Humpback® Junk Removal because he simply likes what he does. Oh, and Jimmy is a fisherman. Figures.

Junk Removal Company Operations Manager

Hunter Armstrong, President

This bright young son of our own CEO has made his way into the Humpback® family through a twist of unrelated fate. Hired on deck to help solve problems pertaining to today’s technology, his big smile and clever head quickly made him an obvious choice for other duties. In addition to upgrading systems and debugging others, this Armstrong tackles the customer relations tasks of inside sales and marketing on a daily basis.

A happy guy with an eye for the good life, Hunter’s computer crush can only be matched by his love for fast cars and motorcycles. He spends his after work hours at his own home in the company of his dog Huginn. Luckily for Hunter, the happy life is what he wants and it’s what he’s got. Luckily for Humpback®, they’ve got both halves of Hunter: his computer ‘know how’ and his charismatic ‘how do you do?’

Junk Removal Company President