Water Damage Junk Removal

One of the most common problems Austin, TX homeowners face is the failure of a water system or any water-related incident. The exposure of water can affect multiple parts of your home, from your belongings to your furniture and appliances, and even parts of your home’s structure. The damage the water creates will essentially turn them into junk you will need to remove. This is a devastating event, and you will need professional help in cleaning up without getting hurt.

We at Humpback Junk Removal have been relocating all sorts of junk, waste, and trash for several years. One of our specialties is removing junk caused by water damage. No matter what situation caused the damage affecting your home, we will make your home repair easier and safer by clearing the clutter with the right tools.

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How Our Junk Removal Process Works

Despite the complex nature of water damage, our process consists of three easy parts. You are already dealing with the stress of water damage in your household. Let us make the junk clearance process a little easier for you.

• Call our office or contact us online to arrange an appointment. Our scheduling system will allow you multiple appointment choices, all lasting two hours. We will work around your busy schedule for the best possible time.

• One of our dejunkification technicians will arrive at your home to provide you with a free estimate. If you accept the estimate, our professional crew will begin the process of clearing all the water-damaged parts of your residence. If you want to consider the estimate, or this isn’t a good time for you, we can reschedule at your convenience.

• Once you accept the estimate, our professionals will clear your property of all the water-damaged junk in a secure manner. Stay safe and relax as our friendly professionals handle the junk removal process and haul it away for safe disposal.

Adaptable to any Water Damage Situation

Throughout our several years in the Austin junk removal service, we’ve seen all kinds of water damage caused by different situations. Our expertise in water damage junk removal includes, but is not limited to, the following situations:

• Burst or damaged pipes
• Storms or flooding
• Leaks
• Failing appliances
• Improper plumbing
• Destroyed hot water tank
• Blocked or broken sewer pipes
• Broken sinks or valves

No matter the situation, our removal workers are ready to endure any water damage and retrieve the junk from your property in an efficient, safe, and speedy manner.

Affordable Water Damage Removal

At Humpback Junk Removal, we understand that you are already dealing with repairing your home from whatever situation created the water damage. As such, we provide our junk removal services at prices you can afford. Enjoy the benefits of a top-notch junk and debris removal company at reasonable rates.

Water damage in your Austin, TX home can destroy your belongings and render them useless. If you need a crew of affordable experts who will remove your water damage junk, give Humpback Junk Removal a try. Contact us or call (512) 637-7779 to schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate.